Monthly Archives: January 2014


Leaving home, going home

We’ve been home from New Zealand for a month. It has been great seeing everyone in the US that we missed during our year away from the northern hemisphere. More than I expected we’ve each caught ourselves calling New Zealand home; turns out we were there long enough for it to start feeling like our home. Only as the summer began and our baby Zoe was born did Oamaru truly start to feel like home. And then we were headed back. Luckily we got to show many visitors from the US our little town in New Zealand which makes it feel more real now that it is so far away from our day to day lives.

We are living in Virginia with Mom and Dad as we look in to jobs and areas we would like to live. I’ve been wondering if I’ll really be able to leave the West Coast but after a short visit to Western North Carolina I can imagine living somewhere in the East. Asheville was very happening, West Asheville had plenty of similarities with our old neighborhood in Southeast Portland. I was most excited by the little town of Brevard, thirty minutes south of Asheville. It is right on the doorstep of Pisgah National Forest with endless trail running and mountain biking possibilities, not to mention rock climbing and fly fishing. Also it has a nice vibrant feel about it for a small town with a walkable downtown, art galleries, great new library and what looks like an amazing grocery store for any size town, Food Matters. We didn’t even get to check out the couple of local breweries that are in Brevard.

For the first time since returning from New Zealand I feel like we are on the path towards finding a new place to call home. I think we were very lucky to land in Oamaru after choosing a job and a place to live we had never visited before, in a country it turns out we really knew very little about.