Free dog!

I picked up Sam from quarantine in Christchurch this morning, just after making a big run to Animates, the NZ PetSmart. It was a big process to get him here and an ordeal for him with the long flight and ten day quarantine. But he’s looking pretty good and I hope he will enjoy his new home of Oamaru, New Zealand. Looks like we will be moving to a house with a nice fenced yard for him. Once I got back to town the initial experience was not so welcoming as after the six hour round trip drive I decided to get a coffee at an excellent little place in town and walk Sam around a bit. Sam did get some positive attention at first with a “beautiful dog” comment but right after that another lady informed me that dogs weren’t allowed on the street! Further, she said the fine was $500. I was kind of mystified but then I did see an outline of a dog crossed out stenciled on the sidewalk later. I’ve since read that dogs are indeed not allowed in the central part of town. So we headed back to the car and took an on leash walk in the local reserve where there are also quite a bit of sheep.So we will have to figure out the best ways to exercise Sam since there doesn’t seem to be an off-leash park in town although one has been proposed. There may be a stretch of beach he can run on but I definitely have to keep him from harassing the local penguins. So perhaps he’s not a totally free dog but we are back together and should have many adventures to look forward to.

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  1. Dave Post author

    We haven’t seen the penguins at all yet but I will try to get a photo when we do. And Sam shows interest in chasing sheep but has been restrained from doing it so far by me.


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