Gold in the hills

Jean’s colleague Steve invited us out today to pan for gold in a river nearby. I won’t give details on the location because his son has a great new find on the river he just started working. I’ve never looked for gold before but the key is to find a good spot and work it. When the river floods certain spots are regular traps for little nuggets or gold dust. For me and Jean it was mostly an excuse to explore our new backyard and walk by a river for the day.

It was glorious, a gorgeous location all to ourselves, along a beautiful river. Sam and Steve’s dog Oscar had the best time. We all had fun hiking and swimming and panning, even though it was kind of a bust on the gold front, just a wee bit was found.

One thought on “Gold in the hills

  1. scott

    Happy New Year Dave & Jean! & Sam!!

    New landscapes to explore…palm trees along the mountain streams, eh. Looks like a nice river to cast a fly. How about the stars placed in the sky…have you spotted the Southern Cross? And does the water swirl down the toilet opposite direction of us here in North America? Many questions in a new land. It is good to read all is well.

    Take care and peace in the New Year.


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