August 28, 2012

Yes we fit in a Subaru

Michael came and picked us up at the Lover's Leap campground near Tahoe on Sunday. We didn't end up climbing there, just resting and enjoying the perfect Sierra weather. With friends near and work to catch up on we decided to head in from the woods a week earlier than planned. Amazingly the three of us, our trailer and both bikes fit in Michael's Forester without needing to use the bike rack.

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August 25, 2012

The solar charger

Another piece of essential gear has been our GoalZero solar charger. It's chief function has been to keep our iPhones juiced up. We both use our iPhones quite a bit; I was using it to navigate and record our route earlier in the trip. It works great for that, you can either charge the phone directly from solar or charge a set of 4 AAs that can later charge the iPhone. It didn't work as well for keeping AAAs charged, I don't know if it was the charger or batteries but after charging the batteries would only last a day or two in our lantern or headlamps. Also it's not enough to charge a laptop but it's light and when we are biking it works well strapped to the outside of the trailer.

Location:Slippery Ford Trail,Twin Bridges,United States

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August 24, 2012

The Dromedaries

We've arrived at Lover's Leap campground after a few pleasant days along the shore of Lake Tahoe with our friends Vanessa and Paul. We paddle boarded twice and enjoyed it as much as in Sayulita.

I haven't been keeping up the blog as much recently. One thing I wanted to write about it is the gear that's been helping us on this trip.

Near the top of the list is our two MSR Dromedaries that can each carry 10 L of water. These gave us a nice safety cushion crossing Nevada not knowing when we'd next get water.

And in camp as you seen in the photo it's easy to setup our own water spigot.

Location:Strawberry,Twin Bridges,United States

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August 23, 2012

Jean's journal - 22 AUG

jean-journal1.jpg jean-journal2.jpg jean-journal3.jpg jean-journal4.jpg jean-journal5.jpg jean-journal6.jpg jean-journal7.jpg jean-journal8.jpg jean-journal9.jpg

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August 11, 2012

On the road again

Thanks to Lisa we are off on our bikes again with a nice head start towards Tahoe.

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