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June 26, 2005

Barlow Trail

This morning Drew, Beth, Scott and I piled our bikes and ourselves into the Westie and headed out to Gresham for the Barlow Trail Century ride. The century ride headed up Lolo Pass but none of us were up for a day at that level so we took the forty mile option looping out to Rosslyn Lake. It was a cloudy cool morning perfect for a cycle. We hopped on the Springwater Trail to start out and quickly got a good pace going as the ride headed out on some backroads. Mostly though we sat back and enjoyed the scenery and companionship. The ride was very well organized with a great rest stop halfway out (the highlight was some yummy raisin-nut bread from Great Harvest Bakery). At the finish we found Laughing Planet burritos and smoothies. Top it all off with a cup of Stumptown coffee for the ride home and call it a fabulous day! Thank you Jason and the folks at River City Bicycles for organizing a great event.

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June 20, 2005

Scavenger Hunt

Could you find where this Portland icon is located and identify when the hotel across the street was built? The majority of the seventy-four participants (including six children) in Saturday's Bike Scavenger Hunt were able to solve this and twenty-seven other clues. Just about everyone seemed to enjoy the hunt around inner Portland by bicycle. We finished the ride up at Wild Oats and handed out a few prizes. Thanks to everyone who showed up to make this event so much fun and to help support the BTA. Also thanks to our sponsors and volunteers.

See the photos...

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June 04, 2005

14 miles!

I am training for this year's Portland Marathon along with a few friends. Amazingly I am enjoying running, much more than ever before. Being consistent has helped and this is the first time I've run without being a smoker. Every weekend (just about) I go on a long group run as part of the Portland Marathon Clinic. They organize free group runs every Saturday and Sunday from March to the Marathon in October. Volunteers lead groups at different paces. Being with a group really helps on the long runs.

So today I ran 14 miles along the Springwater Trail in Gresham! Longer than I've ever run before in my life. The runner's high is for real.

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