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July 19, 2005

Attentive dog


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July 10, 2005

Running for life

Just back from a seventeen mile training run with the Portland Marathon Clinic. It is the longest I've ever run and it felt great. We were mostly on the marathon course so it was a good mental preview of what we'll face in October. Our group pace leader was about to turn sixty and really impressed me with his smooth running style. He looked like he could be walking but was going at a good clip. He said he carried the mental image of rolling logs with his stride and I kept that in my mind for the rest of the run and it seemed to help. I strive to make the running as easy and efficient as possible.

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July 09, 2005

More Sam

This may be a weekly feature for a while. Here's Sam with a new ball his loving Aunt Beth gave to him. Sam's had a busy day but still found the energy to tear around the yard for the last half hour. A pet store near by was having a grand opening and Beth and I headed over to check it out. I brought Sam in my arms and everyone fawned over him. I let him walk around and sniff some too. It was a great chance for him to meet lots of nice dog people. We won a raffle for a free Kong and took home some sample dog food as well. It'll probably be my main pet store as it's close and well stocked.

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July 05, 2005


My life has changed dramatically, I am now responsible for a puppy named Sam. I have been planning on getting a dog for a while but when it finally worked out it happened fast. Sunday Beth and I went down to Eugene to see a litter of Brittany puppies I had found out about. It was a big litter of eleven puppies. We met and liked both the mom and dad. Brittanys are medium-sized bird hunting dogs reaching about 40 lbs full grown. Eight of the puppies were already spoken for. They took out the three available males they had and we played on the deck with Red, Yellow, and Green: the stoplight gang. Everyone looked very healthy and playful. Both Beth and I were especially drawn to Red because he was curious and playful but not too domineering. So I took Red and Red is now Sam or actually Samwise as in Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings. Expect to hear (and see) more about Sam here.

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