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September 27, 2005

Curious Sam

Sam continues to delight. He is emerging into later puppyhood. He seems more eager to learn at the moment which I'm loving. We've started going to the dog park every morning which is a great new routine for the both of us. On a good day he gets to romp around and tire himself out with his favorite pals. Our biggest training goal right now is walking on the leash without pulling.

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September 14, 2005

A puppy graduation

Sam and I have been taking puppy classes, learning some obedience and getting a chance to socialize with other pups. Last night was our last class and graduation ceremony. Beth came to watch Sam show off all he's learned. He did pretty well. They had a fun final class with many stations to practice the stuff we've worked on, like "leave it" and "stay" as well as some fun stuff like a tunnel. Sam got the hang of the tunnel no sweat. For the talent show Sam demonstrated giving a shake on both sides and spin around in both directions. We're still working on his crawl and roll over.

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September 11, 2005

First swimming lesson


Sam took his first trip to the Sandy Delta today with Beth and Rae along for company. This is a great dog area out where the Sandy River runs into the Columbia. Rae goes there all the time and showed Sam how to romp around but still stay within range of Mom or Dad. We went to the river where Rae loves to retrieve her stick. Sam was a little unsure of the whole thing but he did great. He sure wore himself out though and has been pretty quiet in his crate all evening.

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September 05, 2005

Who's a big boy now?

11 weeks16 weeks

He's still my little guy but the guy is growing. We're in the midst of puppy class and learning all sorts of new stuff. The most challenging thing so far is loose leash walking. He wants to follow that scent whether it's within leash range or not. So far he's great at the park. We went this morning and he played hard with two bigger dogs. They all were wet and tired in the end. Just now he's investigating his latest toy, the Buster cube. This dispenses food as he plays with it by moving it around the floor and turning it over. He seemed frustrated at first but now he's really into it and I can hear him getting the food out. He gets a lot more stimulation from eating his food this way than in a bowl. Of course it is noisier!

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