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November 04, 2005


My second annual pumpkin carving party was a great success with eleven pumpkins carved and much soup and muffins consumed. Next time though I'm heading to a farm to get the pumpkins. I had to wrangle eleven pumpkins into a shopping cart at Fred-Meyer, then onto the counter so the clerk could weigh each one, then back into the cart, out into the parking lot and finally into my car. And these were good twenty-five to thirty pound pumpkins. The innovation this year was to open the pumpkin from the bottom to take the seeds and pulp out. Much easier and the pumpkin lies flat. I also found it easier to light the candles which just sit on the porch and then put the pumpkin over them. I read about this online, someone said Martha Stewart came up with it. For the designs some people decided to go freehand, others used a pattern they affixed to the pumpkin. My friend Scott organized and took this photo. I still have six pumpkins on my porch which I'll have to ditch soon, but not yet...

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November 02, 2005

Bed rest


Sam got neutered yesterday. It's a pretty routine operation but it's still a big deal in a dog's life. Sam had one undescended testicle so he had to have an extra incision and a little more surgery to extract that from his abdomen. Also when they shaved him it revealed a skin infection and the clippers encountering the infection left a few nasty abrasions. Overall though the vet said it went well. Picking Sam up yesterday he looked very pitiful however I soon realized that 95% of that was his hatred for the "Elizabethan" collar that prevents him from licking his sutures and prolonging the healing process. He's already much better with it today and perhaps in ten days he'll consider it an indispensable fashion accessory. Ten days is when his sutures come out and it's no park time until then. As you can see here for the moment he's content to snooze on my bed receiving special privileges from being in recovery. I can see him getting a little restless after ten days of no park though. After five days we can start taking some longer walks at least. In a month or so I hope it will all be a distant memory for him or even forgotten altogther. I'm not sure how a dog's memory works.

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