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January 28, 2006

Look Dad, no leash!

I didn't take the camera with me but Sam and I went for a run on the Maple Trail, my favorite loop in Forest Park. I started him on the leash and he was doing well, not pulling as much as usual. When we got off the fire road and to the trail I let him off the leash and to my surprise he did great. He would go a little bit ahead then turn around and wait until I caught up or sometimes he'd run back to get me. Near the end he was a little tired and ran just behind me. He is a blast to trail run with, seeing his happy self bouncing in the woods puts a little extra spring in my step.

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January 24, 2006


My friend Michael is visiting from San Francisco and he wanted to go skiing so on Sunday we headed out to Mt. Hood with my friend Scott. I decided to try snowboarding for the first time and borrowed my brother's board and boots. We went to Mt. Hood SkiBowl. I fell a lot but also felt like I was improving on most runs to where I was able to link some turns after a few times down the mountain. Today my body is very sore, especially the ankles. However I already like it better than skiing and hope to get out there some more this year. The snow has been much better than last year. Scott had his camera and took some fun photos.

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January 21, 2006

Bye bye bunny (and Pooh)


Since Sam's early puppy days his favorite toy has been a stuffed bunny Beth and Suzie got him at Goodwill. He's always been delicate with it, his favorite activity being to drink a lot of water and then go mouth bunny as if nursing his mom (see this shot by my mom). Occasionally he would run around with bunny getting a little vigorous but it held up for a while and several washes. No more though, Sam is getting a little rougher with his soft toys. He finally got down to bunny's stuffing last night. I imagine he will have some bunny withdrawal symptoms.

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January 15, 2006

Sam's first trail run

A friend and I went for a run in Forest Park this morning and for the first time I brought Sam along. I'd been waiting to bring him until he was older since the vet said running isn't too good for growing puppy bones. He's eight months today though and seemed ready. We did a six mile loop near the north end of the park that was new to me. I started Sam off leash but he wanted to follow his nose every which way but down the trail so I put him on a leash. He did well on the leash, usually pulling ahead but not zig-zagging and tripping me up too much. He looked strong the whole way. On one uphill he ran beside me for a while but mostly he was out in front. At the moment though he looks wiped. He's curled up in his bed doing some major recuperating. I'm looking forward to many more runs with him.

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