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November 28, 2006

Sarah's First Thanksgiving

I traveled with my sister-in-law and niece to Thanksgiving as Drew had to stay in town a bit longer for an exam. Sarah proved herself an exceptional traveler especially compared with others her age. She mostly slept on the way out though it was plenty of work for Beth with feedings and soothings. On the plane someone said she had her father's hair and even though I am her uncle she does have some similar curls at the moment.

Our first Thanksgiving at Woods Gap was amazing. I took advantage of nearby Rocky Knob by going on several trail runs. The leaves on the ground occasionally made finding your footing interesting but the views through the barren trees were worth it. I'm afraid Sam is in for a bit of letdown after the activity level at the Gap.
See the photos...

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November 15, 2006

Unicross World Championships

unicross_video.jpgOn Sunday I went out to Estacada's Timber Park to ride in the Unicross "World Championships" put on by the Cross Crusade series. For a few years now they've had a unicycle class that I first rode in last year. This year however they declared the end of season race to be the official Unicross World Championships. It may take a few years for the title to be recognized among unicyclists everywhere but I don't know where else you can do a race like this on your unicycle. A call was put out on unicyclist.com for riders but unfortunately only five of us showed up at the starting line. A few of the regulars were out due to injuries from earlier races. It was a great course for the unis, very rideable and fun. Lots of crowd support as always. Even the bike racers passing you usually shout some sort of encouragement. It was a lot of fun and motivated me to push myself more on the unicycle. At the end of the video I've linked to it lists me as fourth for some reason but actually I managed to place on the podium with a third place finish. I hope to post a podium photo when I get one. We even got medals and Cross Crusade hats. Besides working on my skills over the next year I'm going to see if there's anyway we can get more folks on the unis. It'd be amazing if we had a field of twenty or more at the starting line.

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November 07, 2006

Rumble (update)


The event organizers have posted some photos one of which I'm including here so you'll know I wasn't kidding in my earlier entry about all the mud.

Also, the official results are in and Drew got 2nd! I am listed as DNF because while I did finish I was too out of it to give any official my race number tag.

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November 04, 2006

Eagle Creek on a rainy day

Scott has some friends in town and today we went with them for a classic Gorge hike on the Eagle Creek trail along with new friends Meredith and Lisa. We were in the rain from start to finish but what a gorgeous hike and fun day! We were all a little cold by the end and glad to reach the warm cars. However it's an experience you look back on all the better for a little adversity. Sam came along but I kept him on a leash because of how exposed the trail is in many places. A benefit of the rain and doing the hike in November is that there are far fewer folks on this often crowded trail, even on a Saturday. Sam and I are going to sleep well tonight.

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