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June 25, 2007

Barlow Trail Century

The day after the triathlon (see previous post) we were back in Portland for River City's Barlow Trail Century, my favorite supported event ride. Drew, Scott and I started in Gresham for the 100-mile option while friends Meredith, Becky, Jennie and Nate, along with Dad, started at Roslyn Lake near Sandy for a 60-mile route. The highlight and turn-around for both rides was the top of Lolo Pass on the shoulders of Mt. Hood. Last year there were excellent views of the mountain however everything was socked in yesterday. We had some fairly challenging weather. Fortunately the good folks from River City had a fire going at the rest stop at the bottom of the super chilly descent. I also tried stuffing the newspaper under the jersey for the first time and that helped with the wind chill. Scott crashed early on but managed to fall well and limit his injuries. At the end we all enjoyed Laughing Planet burritos, smoothies and Full Sail beer. Becky reluctantly turned in her demo bike from Seven Cycles.
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Pacific Crest Half-Ironman

Saturday, the Ross family competed in the Pacific Crest Half-Ironman triathlon as a relay team. Beth swam, Drew rode the bike, and I ran. Mom and Dad provided logistical support including dog and baby-sitting. It was a long day but lots of fun. I found it tough getting out of the house around 6:30am but having to wait to run until around 1pm. Consequently I went out a little too fast which cost me later but overall I was pleased with the run. It was especially fun to be on a team. We stayed in a rental house in Bend for two nights beforehand and enjoyed the trip away from Portland.
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June 10, 2007

Dirty Half (Old No. 6)

Went down to Bend this weekend for the Dirty Half with Jennie. Footzone hosts a great race that is becoming crazy popular. All sorts of folks come out. I was blown away that the winner of this event ran 1:13, unbelievable on this course. I had a great race, ended up starting a little too far in the back, especially after I had to take a pit stop early on. Passing people is tough on the single-track. Especially with 800 folks out on the course! Deschutes Brewery even brewed a special Down and Dirty Ale to commemorate the event. Jennie and I had some pints Saturday night in town and they had it on tap after the race. Saturday I stopped by the Lower Deschutes again for some brief fishing. I brought in one trout, a very beautiful fish that I released back into the water, grateful that he had taken my dry. I will be running another half-marathon in Bend in two weeks when Drew (bike), Beth (swim), and I (run) compete as a team in the Pacific Crest Half-Ironman.

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