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September 30, 2007

Jennie and Nate's wedding

Jennie and Nate were married in Chapel Hill yesterday!
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Woods Gap

Beth, Sarah, Sam and I have been at Woods Gap the last week and are headed home tomorrow.
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September 25, 2007

Cyclocross kick-off

Sunday I went out to Hood River for my first cyclocross race of the season. It was a perfect day, great course, fun friends. I was not altogether happy with my performance but there is room and time for improvement this season. I decided I ran my tires way too high pressure and had a rough ride as a result. Also there was one section where I wish I had chosen my easier gear on the single speed but that's also probably just getting used to racing single speed. Finally I definitely need a more extensive warm-up because about twenty to thirty minutes into the course I felt much better but of course was already way back. Dan and Micah raced Men's B. Drew couldn't make this race but is planning to join me in the single speed category for a little sibling rivalry. Although unless I step it up, it might not be much of a rivalry.


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September 15, 2007

Kruger's Kermesse, a farm crit

I bicycled out to Sauvie's Island today for a tune-up race for the cyclocross season, an unusual off-road criterium race modeled on a popular Belgian race called a Kermesse. Basically we did laps of a bit over a mile on farm roads of varying quality. Mostly hard-packed dirt but plenty of loose gravel, sand, pot holes, a little mud. I have switched my Surly over to single speed and raced in that category. It was lots of fun, especially since they lined us up along with the top men and women's riders. The top men lapped me a couple of times, it was fun to see how fast they could cruise around the course in a tight paceline. I felt pretty good, it's tough to know how to measure your effort over the 55 or so minutes. Single speed was perfect as it was mostly flat with just a few mild climbs and one descent. After the race I hung out with Beth and Sarah and watched Drew and Dan compete in the two-man relay. Always a pleasure going to Sauvie's Island, a real rural getaway from Portland. Here's the race captured by my GPS which I started about a half mile into the first lap.Now off to an early bed to get some rest for tomorrow's half-marathon that I'm doing with Beth.

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