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October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

My fourth annual pumpkin carving party was the best yet and the first in my new house. We also celebrated my brother's birthday. There were old friends and new friends, hot tub and margaritas, carrot and minestrone, Jay-Z and Jeik B. Once again I had too much fun hosting to carve a pumpkin. Enjoy the photos.
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Running the Wildwood

On Saturday I accomplished a goal I've had since I took up trail running a few years ago, to run the entire length of the Wildwood, the trail that forms the backbone of Forest Park. With excellent company and weather it was an amazing day. In fact I'd like to do this run every year. I will train more for the uphills next time. I didn't have my camera with me but I may update this entry if I get some photos from other folks.

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October 14, 2007

Cross Crusade: Horning's Hideout

It just gets better and better. A window of warmth and sun hit the Portland region this weekend and after a little fog in the early morning today was a gorgeous fall day to race a bike. The venue at Horning's Hideout is idyllic with a pond and beautiful woods. Lots of fit folks showed up for Cross Crusade #2 including Adam Craig, a nine-time national mountain bike and cyclocross champion from Bend. But the racing is so much fun for us weekend warriors as well. Earlier this week I changed my front chain ring from a 42 to a 39 and flipped my rear wheel from the 16-tooth cog to the 18 resulting in an easier gear. Man, am I glad I did that! I would have been toast in my old gear on this very hilly course. Meredith and I both raced unicross also in the morning. She also took some sweet videos.

Here's my finish, I even passed a couple of folks through the barricades!

And here's Adam Craig bunny hopping the barricades as he did on all eleven laps! And then he pops a wheelie to ride over the finish line. Notice however the guy dismounting behind him actually gets the (temporary) pass.

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October 13, 2007

Salmon River - Hunchback Ridge loop

Today was a beautiful October Saturday, so treasured in this gray climate. I ran/hiked a loop on the Salmon River and Hunchback Ridge trails with Becky and Sam. The same loop I hiked earlier this summer but we went a bit faster as Becky is a rockstar when it comes to running (and anything athletic from what I've seen). Great views of Hood, the one picture I took was totally blown out for the mountain... Great day to put in the bank for the drizzle ahead. Returning to the car we saw this dog and bike but no owner in sight. The dog was a sweetheart and patiently waiting for his owner to return.


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October 07, 2007

Cross Crusade: Alpenrose

I felt much stronger at today's cyclocross race. Rain and chilly temps were expected but it turned out to be a pretty nice day and also mostly dry on the course. It's Oregon though, can't be long before it gets muddy. My right brake lever got loose halfway through the race and bothered me a little. I got to take better care of the bike! Drew also had a mechanical but was able to fix and continue albeit with lost time. Beth raced with the women for the first time and loved it. And Sarah attended her first cyclocross race. I just barely avoiding being lapped and so raced for 55 minutes. I guess it's only a 45 minute race for the leaders!

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October 06, 2007

UniSudoku on sale this weekend

Only $8.99 at MacUpdate Promo for Saturday and Sunday only.

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