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November 25, 2007

Kruger's Crossing CX Classic

After spending Thanksgiving in Florida it was a little rough landing back in cold and gray Portland. Today however showed me everything I love about home. It was cool but clear in the morning. After going out for a great breakfast I picked up Drew and we headed to Sauvie's Island for our last cyclocross race of the year. We both felt good racing single speed and then we stayed to watch the women, A's and for the Portland Racing raffle. The atmosphere on the farm is always a good one and today didn't disappoint with a raging bonfire, a low winter sun, Cycle-Sportif waffles and lots of racing.
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November 19, 2007

Mudfest at Hillsboro

For the final stop in the Cross Crusade series we had some real Oregon mud to contend with. I rode the sixteen miles out to Hillsboro and was pretty cold through when I got there. I grabbed a cup of coffee and hopped in Drew and Beth's van to try and warm myself before the race. I was fine except for my hands which were blocks during the race. Not really painful, just kind of weird. Very painful when they thawed after the race though... I wasn't feeling real fast but it was a very fun race. When you're picking your way through the mud and your whole body gets sprayed it's just like being a kid again. Usually there's a few races like this but it's been a dry fall up until a few days ago. I'm planning to do one more cyclocross race next weekend up at Sauvie's Island.

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November 10, 2007


The Cross Crusade hosted the Single Speed World Championships this weekend. While the likes of Sven Nys did not show up, champions Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks did. Saturday there was a time trial to qualify for the big day. Drew and I both just barely missed getting in on our TT time. They had a bonus round of bunny hopping and brakeless aerobar descending where Drew was able to add 30 seconds and get a berth in the championship. Not being a bunny-hopper myself I did a two lap race at the end of the day and came in 10th with the top 15 advancing to Sunday's main event. During that race I got my first push from a spectator, some woman in the beer garden reached out and helped me up the muddy slope, just like those fans of Lance and Ulrich in the Alps.

Sunday they called the whole field by name in order of qualifying times so Drew and I were at the back but then they turned the whole field around and we started right at the front of eighty some riders. All the fast guys had to fight to get to the front which is usually where they start off. After one lap and about ten minutes I got a flat in my rear tire. Having no spare wheels in the pit this ended my race. I was really bummed. More than that I think my body fired off all kinds of endorphins or something at the beginning of the race that I would have spent or used in an hour effort but quitting after ten minutes they were all still racing around me, even now I feel bottled up, I think I'll need to run today. Drew had a great day, looking strong all the way to the finish, he is indeed a world champion. Thanks to Michelle for cheering both days and taking some great photos on Sunday.
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November 05, 2007

Racing at Barton Park

Cyclocross racing moved to Barton Park near Estacada yesterday. I missed the last couple of outings so it was great to be out for a day of racing both on the unicycle and my single speed. Meredith raced again on unicycle and had a lot more fun as so much more of this course, basically all of it, was rideable. The bike race was a fast one, a test of cornering in gravel and how hard you could push yourself or catch a draft on the long flat sections. This was probably the best course for me to challenge Drew on but he still had the edge. Another fun day on the bike. (Photo by Canis Studio)

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