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December 25, 2007

Christmas stockings

At the wire I finished Sarah's stocking, just in time for Santa to fill it last night. I did it quickly but am happy with the result. Also pictured is Beth's stocking which I knitted a couple years ago when Beth had her first Christmas with us at Woods Gap. I'm carrying on a family tradition as we all have hand-knitted stocking from either my grandmother Mimi or Uncle George. Unknowingly I knit the same pattern as Uncle George did for my mom's stocking sixty years ago! I only hope Sarah's holds up as well...

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December 16, 2007

Christmas Lights Bike Tour II

This was one event I really wish I had my camera for. There would have been some great shots but the photography would have been challenging. A group of friends and I took off from the Lucky Lab just after dark to tour some of the neighborhood Christmas lights. Some of them had done this last year but it was a first for me. The event reminded me of Soulfly without the stops. We were eleven, many with great battery-powered lights on the bike and person. We went through Ladds, to the madness of Peacock Lane, and then worked our way out to the top of Rocky Butte. The view from there on a beautiful winter evening was outstanding. Afterward we split up and Meredith and I went to the top of Mount Tabor for a bit closer-in view of downtown. Then home. I just had a bow and blinker on my bike, next year I'm going for some spoke lights, those are cool! Elvira had a great idea that we should bring an iPod with external speakers to blast some Christmas cheer as we cruise through town.

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December 14, 2007

Sam and Walnut

Walnut has been a guest at my house the last couple of weeks and he has certainly livened things up around here, especially the walk to the park. He and Sam are best buds and when they're not rough-housing you can often find them here in each other's beds in the kitchen. It doesn't matter if only one is lying down or who lies down first they seem to greatly prefer the other's bed over their own.

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December 11, 2007


Last night I ate a fabulous meal for free at a new restaurant downtown that hasn't even opened yet. All thanks to my friend Kelly who is in training as a server at Tondero, a "New Latin" restaurant opening next to the Fox Tower movie theaters. We picked a ceviche, appetizer and entree randomly before we were seated but got to choose our own drinks. I had a mojito and a caipirinha, new to me. I joined some co-workers from Kelly's day job with Portland Parks at a four top. The whole night was a practice run for the kitchen, servers and entire operation. From my perspective it was great, yummy and interesting food, nice view out the windows to Portland's downtown decorated for Christmas. The decor was maybe a little too abstract contemporary for me. We shared just about everything but I had a tamale with oxtail appetizer and a potato dish with avocado and fish. My entree was a saffron coconut rice dish with scallops, shrimp and mussels. The night felt especially gluttonous not only because of how much I ate but because I skipped my last yoga class of the term which was practically across the street to attend dinner. However one of my dinner companions noted that both activities are good for the soul. Thanks Kelly!

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December 03, 2007

A Portland weekend (or how I have been too busy to take any photos)

A wet and dreary weekend did not prove to be a slow one around Portland. Friday night Meredith and I went to the Unicycle Bastards holiday party. It was about two miles away so we decided to unicycle over to get in the mood. We took some quiet neighborhood streets and slowly made our way over to my old neighborhood in Hollywood. We ate at the Laurelwood before heading over to the unicycle house, dubbed The Armory. We were expecting some sort of chaotic, rowdy party based on our brief interactions with this group in the past. On the contrary it was a regular sort of holiday cocktail party, albeit with unicycle "porn", aka videos of people unicycling, playing in the background. All in all, a fun time. We headed back in time to catch the tail end of a cyclocross photography exhibit that opened at the home of Vanilla Bicycles around the corner from my place. There was a fun bikey crowd there and I got to hear about the photographer's next project, to go film the Tour D'Afrique, a dream of mine to set out on one day.


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