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March 30, 2008

Donuts and Davidson

Davidson College, a school of 1700, faces Kansas, a basketball dynasty, this afternoon in Detroit and all odds are against them. Of course that was the case with Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin as well. How long can their magical run continue? I'm hoping for a close game, there have been a few too many blowouts in the tourney so far. On my way home from some errands this morning I got a box of Delicious Donuts (SE Grand and Burnside) to eat while watching the game. Hopefully a couple will last until then...

Go Wildcats!

Posted by Dave at 11:53 AM

March 13, 2008

Death of a Flower

My last photography class is tonight and for my final project I shot a bouquet of flowers over a week. I was hoping to show the decay from fresh bloom to brown dried petal but the daffodils and especially the hyacinth are pretty hardy, they only significantly weathered today, the last day, a week after being picked. The crocuses disintegrated in a day on the other hand.
See the photos...

Posted by Dave at 04:41 PM