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June 29, 2008

Pacific Crest

I am so proud of myself! As a kid I spent six formative summers at Camp Mondamin in western North Carolina. The founder, "Chief" or Frank Bell Sr., defined adventure as "activity on one's personal frontier" and I've really taken that to heart since there is always someone faster, smarter, stronger, better looking, whatever out there and even if you are a gold medal Olympian you don't hold that spot for very long. Yesterday I danced on my own frontiers as I competed in the Pacific Crest Half-Ironman in Sunriver, OR. Last year Drew (bike), Beth (swim) and I (run) competed as a relay team, this year I had to do it all on my own. Swim-bike-run became Fear-joy-pain. more...
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June 21, 2008

Baking bread

I have always been a fiend for bread, at least from the consumption side. And I've enjoyed baking bread too with a focus on finding the simplest way to bring it to the table. For a while this meant a bread machine that I inherited from my grandmother, then a no-knead French country-style bread. And most recently I've been making a no-knead bread publicized in the New York Times that comes out great. However when Scott gave me Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads book for my birthday this year I knew it was time to get "serious" about baking bread. more...
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June 15, 2008

"Zoom, zoom, riding in backpack!"


I got wished a Happy Father's Day today out on the trail. Drew was out racing the fifty mile mountain bike Test of Endurance on a single speed. Happy Father's Day to him!

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June 14, 2008

Portland Ultimate

Mom brought the sun with her to Portland and we have been getting out and enjoying it. Today we went to Delta Park to watch several friends in the Portland Ultimate frisbee tournament. The half-time show for the finals was a naked ultimate point. Mom is getting the full Portland experience.

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June 08, 2008

Sunny weekend

Today, for the third year in a row I ran the Dirty Half, a trail run down in Bend, my favorite organized run. I headed out of Portland in a drizzle Saturday morning and not in the best mood but gradually I was enjoying the drive along 22 near Detroit and then coming over Santiam Pass the sky was blue in a way I hadn't seen for a good while and the sun was out. That did wonders for my mood and then Sam and I went for a mountain bike ride on some trails near Sisters that I first visited on foot a couple of years ago. Afterwards I met up with friends down in Bend where we camped out in the forest, throwing the frisbee until dark and then sitting around the fire. After a chilly night it was up and at 'em early for the race. It's a big event with 800 runners and a good section of the fit local crowd as well as folks from farther away like us. After bonking on many long runs over the past couple of months I was happy to have strength throughout and feel my legs under me again. That gives me some confidence for the half-Ironman in three weeks.
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June 04, 2008

Lucky uncle

One of the greatest joys in my life right now is babysitting my niece Sarah every week. She is such a happy being to be around and full of energy. We resumed that schedule today after a bit of a break. I had missed it and Sarah said she missed me too! My services will be even more in demand with another baby on the way. It's a win-win situation.
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