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October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Party '08


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October 12, 2008

Cross Crusade: Villebois

Number two race of cyclocross season was today in Wilsonville. It was on the site of a demolished mental hospital and there will probably be townhouses where we were racing today by next year. It turned in to a beautiful fall day and I was glad I decided to bike out there with Jason. The ride out got me nice and warmed up and I had a better start than usual. In fact I was feeling pretty good despite it being quite a technical course in places. The field as usual was huge. After two and a half laps I pinch flatted my rear tire in a technical section, must have hit a rock wrong. So that ended my race and I became a spectator which was fun and got to see several crashes and endos where I'd flatted. Everyone got back on and kept riding. I only got twenty-five minutes of racing in but a sixty mile road trip ride getting out there and back so it was a big day. Not sure where Drew finished but he was looking good. Thanks for the pics Jason!

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October 08, 2008


Captcha.jpegThis month I started teaching a class at my local library designed to familiarize seniors with the basics of using a computer and the Internet. Today was our second class and we covered a lot. First everyone did mouserobics which turned out to be a great exercise in manipulating the mouse which can be especially hard for seniors. Highlighting to copy and paste was a tough maneuver but everyone was able to do it. Then my co-instructor and I had our seven students sign up for Gmail accounts. This went pretty smoothly until we got to the word verification part. I could barely read these letters and many students couldn't at all. What I thought was most telling is not one person asked why they were asked to do that! Makes me think they do not question the meaning behind most of what they are doing on the computer but simply memorize the steps. The only other hang-up was someone wanted to print out the entire Acceptable Use document before clicking the I Accept button which runs twenty pages in case you were wondering. In the end everyone created a new Gmail account which we will help them use in next week's class.

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October 05, 2008

Cross Crusade: Alpenrose

Cyclocross got underway today and the conditions were ideal: nice and muddy, but still rideable. There was a big turnout at Alpenrose Dairy and the course was a lot of fun. I have actually been training for the last three weeks but still felt slow. Oh well, it is a blast and a great challenge and there is a lot of room for improvement. I'm excited to get out for a bunch of races this season.

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