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February 15, 2009

Worst Day of the Year Ride

There was a promising cold drizzle this morning when I woke up and rode down to the Lucky Lab for the start of the Worst Day of the Year ride. But soon after we began riding the rain stopped and before long it deteriorated into a full blown sunny day. Alas, no bragging rights for riding today. It was a fun route, visiting two REIs and with two good hill climbs. I'd last ridden the climb up Thompson back towards the city on the last day of my cross-country bicycle tour. It's one of those that keeps going turn after turn with great views back west towards the coast range. There were a lot of happy faces at the crest on Skyline. The ride ended with lentil soup, focaccia and beer at the Lucky Lab. At least it was wet enough to get my fuzzy dice muddy.

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February 08, 2009

Hill riders climb on

I did my fourth ride with the recently dubbed Sisyphean Hill Riders group on Saturday. Our leader Harrison took us all over the southwest hills on a tour of his childhood homes and schools. I never knew Portland had so many fancy houses tucked up there! And the sun felt splendid. We did have a few mechanicals. Jason C. had a flat tire that was quickly dealt with but then Jason S.'s derailleur sheared off shifting gears on our way up to Council Crest! Bummer, but he soon had his bike converted to single speed and we made it up to Council Crest anyway, just in time for sunset and great views of St. Helens and Hood. Then a big bomb down the mountain for beers at the Blue Moon. Whee!

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