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May 23, 2009

Goodbye Chickens


When I was out of town in Virginia a raccoon got in to the coop through the nest box and killed my chickens. Thanks to my friends and neighbors for dealing with the situation and looking for survivors.

I had become quite attached to Betty, Celeste and the gray ones (Lucy and Laverne) and was very sad to return home to their absence. Besides feeling the loss of the happy animals in my yard it pains me that I failed in my role as a protector for these vulnerable animals. I built a very solid coop but the nest box door turned out to be a weak point. Raccoons are more persistent than I'd imagined. Especially with Sam not around to run them off.

I'm sorry I failed you guys. You are missed. Rest in peace.

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May 07, 2009

UniSudoku for the iPhone and iPod Touch

unisudoku_iphone.pngFast on the heels of Knit Buddy, I have just released UniSudoku for the iPhone. Now the addictive game is available anywhere on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I let my Mac users know about the product through an email and hope their interest will help jump start the game in a very crowded market. There are only a handful of knitting apps for the iPhone but at this point there are dozens and dozens of Sudoku games. However (a) I think UniSudoku is a great implementation of it for the iPhone and (b) with the low cost of games on the App Store people are willing to try something new if they've heard good things. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Posted by Dave at 09:35 PM