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May 20, 2010

Age parity

Sam's birthday was a couple of days ago, I only remembered the day after and didn't do anything special to mark it, not that he really cares. But he turned 5, so 35 in human years if there's any truth to that old formula, the same age as me. Most would say Sam still has a more youthful approach to life than I do but he's matured. He'll still play at the dog park but after a bit of that he wants to walk and sniff. His hair is more feathered. Some things are the same, he craves mud and chases squirrels. He's fitter than ever after training for the ultra with me this winter. It's hard to tire him out. What a great buddy he has been.

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May 16, 2010

Mt. Ellinor


Did my first climb with the Mazamas yesterday. We were planning to climb Mt. Washington (in background) in the Olympics but the avalanche danger from the late spring snow and high temps was too great so we climbed neighboring Mt. Ellinor, a less technical route but with a very rewarding summit view of the Olympic mountain range. I'd never been around there before and was amazed at these mountains so close to the coast. I definitely will be back for some more exploring. I've heard Mt. Olympus is a great adventure. We had a fun glissade down which was great practice for me. more photos

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May 12, 2010


Spent a week in Sayulita, Mexico recently with my parents and brother's family. Wonderful spot, relaxed small town feel even though it's a popular tourist destination. Low 80s, warm water, friendly surf. It was hard to leave. Enjoy the photos.
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