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June 28, 2010

New favorite Gorge loop

Ran an amazing loop in the Gorge on Saturday, just over ten miles, with Lisa. Started at Multnomah, went to Angel's Rest, then Devil's Rest, then back to Wakheena.

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Photo of the week

I will be posting a photo each Monday to a new Flickr set I created: Photo of the week. Each photo will be from something I've taken in the previous week. The idea is to keep me shooting and looking. A lot of them will probably be taken with my new iPhone 4 camera like this shot from Rooster Rock State Park. After we climbed the pinnacle and headed back to the car there was a beautiful sunset on the river with the cottonwood seeds blowing all over the place. This practice is mostly for me but feel free to leave a comment on the Flickr page! New photos will show up in the feed on the right-hand side of this page.

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June 24, 2010

Rooster Rock

I climbed Rooster Rock in the gorge yesterday evening with some of my fellow Mazamas. Our assistants Justin and Bill led it for us as a sort of graduation climb. It was a lot of fun and with a great view of sunset on the Columbia from the top. They set fixed lines that we tied prusiks to and then a nice long double rope rappel back down.

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June 21, 2010

Backyard Half


I traveled in eastern Oregon last week, first in Ontario where I did several runs and also summited local Malheur Butte, a fun scramble up 400 ft. We scared up a few raptors at the top and had a nice view of some local marshlands. I then saw four white birds with black tipped wings flying below us and immediately wondered what they were, they looked like cranes. Checking Sibley last night they really looked like whooping cranes even though there are only a few hundred of those around anywhere. I guess I won't know for sure.

Highlights of the week also included camping and trail run in Boise National Forest, camping and hike in the Wallowas, visiting Joseph and Enterprise, watching the US World Cup matches and visiting with Jennie and Gavin in Hood River. Saturday morning before returning to Portland I ran in the Backyard Half, an amazing free event put on by the Columbia Gorge Running Club. A good group of us from Portland showed up, above we're enjoying a post-race meal. It was rainy, muddy and hilly and a lot of fun!

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