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September 21, 2010

Kelly's wedding

Jason and Elvira put the call out for riding to Kelly's wedding and a good group was formed. We lucked out with the weather both ways and found many beautiful bicycling roads. The wedding was wonderful, officiated by the amazing Chrissy and with fun square dancing. Saturday was the longest ride ever for Meghan. Sunday was the longest ride ever for Lisa and Elvira. Thanks to all my riding buddies for a memorable weekend and congratulations to Kelly and Barrett!

Next up is the Harvest Century. I'm raising money for Community Vision in association with this event. Check out my fundraising page if you want to help out.

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September 08, 2010

Fishing with Sarah

The highlight of an amazing Labor Day weekend in Bend was taking Sarah fishing with Bea and her son Aidan. We struck out at the local trout pond and headed up to a more wild setting on Tumalo Creek near Tumalo Falls. We fished some marshy side pools and caught this little brook trout. Sarah was really excited. She had amazing stamina throughout the day, tromping through the marsh in her bare feet. I forgot how much I like fishing!

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