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January 18, 2011

New home for David Ross Software


I've created a new web home for my software business: ross-soft.com. This new website combines the various websites I've had for my Mac, iPhone and iPad apps and will make it easier for folks to see all the apps I develop. Look for more exciting app development from David Ross Software in 2011 on ross-soft.com!

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Raining in a winter wonderland

I'd been out in Enterprise, Oregon since the 1st of the year and last Thursday Jason, Elvira, Chrissy and Tori drove out to go camping in the Wallowas with me and Jean. We had bad luck with the weather as it warmed up and rained in what is normally a dry snow climate. So Jason and I didn't get any turns in and we left a night early but we all enjoyed getting out for an adventure regardless. It's a beautiful wilderness I'd like to see more of.
Big Sheep Creek camp and back at EveryTrail

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