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September 12, 2011

Hiking the Wonderland trail

Scott and I hiked half of the Wonderland trail around Mt. Rainier in three days. We'd planned to go all the way around but Scott fractured his wrist after slipping on the trail near the end of the day and we hiked out to get him to a hospital. Luckily the bones remained lined up and he should heal up great. We loved both of our first visits to Mount Rainier National Park. We saw bear, including a cub, and mountain goats and vista after vista of gorgeous alpine terrain. A highlight for me was a swim in a calm clear lake that took me away from the bugs and to a very peaceful place; there was a perfect balance of water to air temperature. I hope to get back there for another visit. We had great help from NPS rangers, Morton emergency room staff and helpful passersby for hitchhiking back to our car. more photos

Posted by Dave at 10:43 AM