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July 27, 2012

Bird attack in the City!

Jean and I have been having a good time in City of Rocks, doing some climbing, some reading and today a rest day where we came in to town to catch up on some WiFi and to get out of the sun a little. The other day we were hiking out to a climbing spot and got dive bombed by a Northern Harrier (raptor). Repeatedly dive bombed. We didn't figure this out until later but we must have been getting closer and closer to his nest which we later found out are located on the ground, usually near shallow water. Sadly my iPhone was not quite accessible enough to video the actual attack so I leave you only with this video showing us processing the attack after the fact... Laugh away at us. But it was pretty fierce. In hindsight I admire his ferocity in defending his young against two mammals a lot bigger than him. We even saw a baby bird just after the attack looking pretty lost on the trail that I only realized later could have been his but we will never know.

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Jean's Journal - 21 July

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Jean's Journal - 16 July

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July 23, 2012

Arrived at the City!

Jean and I arrived at the City late of Saturday night in time for a cool thunderstorm with a double rainbow. It's a really cool place and the camping is awesome. We have a nice shady spot amongst the boulders. There was more gravel than we counted on after Oakley but we made it. Sunday we did a scouting hike and rested. Today we did a multi pitch bolted route called Theater of Shadows that was pretty chill climbing and a good introduction to the rock, with great views of the whole City. We came in to town today to talk to Jean's sisters who are joining us and get some camping fuel. Nice to be climbing again and have a rest from the bikes.

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July 21, 2012

Heading for the city

Major grocery shop in Burley to stock up for camping in City of Rocks.

Location:E Main St,Burley,United States

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July 17, 2012

Battling Headwinds

Strong east winds in Idaho are taking it out of us a bit. Great hot springs a couple nights ago and swam in the Snake River today. Also Idaho is not as bicycle friendly as Oregon; no bike lanes and we were harassed by sheriff this evening for not being over to the right enough. We will be ready to be off the bike for a little while when we get to City of Rocks in a few days.

Location:E Idaho Ave,Glenns Ferry,United States

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July 16, 2012

Carla's Farm

Riding out of Vale this morning we joined the Oregon Trail and rode over a pass into farmland. A woman in an Isuzu Trooper with her two working dogs happened upon us just as we were riding by her place and she invited us up for a drink and to give us an experience. Our timing was blessed because she was something of an angel and we mightily enjoyed our time with her. She is someone who fills you with her presence.

Carla gave us each a kale and alfalfa smoothie and told us how she and her husband Chris had been working this land the past eight years starting under a government grant to set up a new type of irrigation system which turned barren sagebrush in to pastures producing top quality hay. She also has a lot of chickens free ranging about the place and people come from miles away for the eggs. She makes her own feed for them including sprouting grains. She sent us out with six eggs and a bottle of wine her friend had made. I took a video of the tour she gave us, forgive the sometimes faulty camera work.

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July 15, 2012

Jean's Journal - 15 July

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Jean's Journal - 11 July

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July 14, 2012

Eastern Oregon

We got an early start this morning and enjoyed cool temps for a while on our ride to Vale today. We had a really nice campsite on National Forest last night, a few miles off the road but worth it. Today we are planning to go to a motel for laundry, showers and we hope to watch the Timbers play tonight. Vale isn't too big. We are on mountain time now and tomorrow we will ride in to Idaho for a different phase of our trip.

YouTube Video

Location:F St W,Vale,United States

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July 12, 2012

The center of Oregon

Jean and I made it to the center of Oregon or at least that's what they told us in Post. We've been on really empty roads the past couple of days through gorgeous country. It's been hot so we try to ride early in the morning and siesta and then ride a little more in the evening. We love National Forests!

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July 09, 2012

So long Smith Rock

Jean and I had a great trip to Smith Rock State Park. Way too short though! We had a rest day on arriving and then three climbing days. We left the park a day early because I have some unexpected work to catch up on but we hope to back on the road tomorrow, pedaling towards Idaho. There is a lifetime of climbing at Smith and we hope to be back soon. Jean's favorite climb was the last pitch of First Kiss, really beautiful location! I also enjoyed leading a new trad route for me called Bowling Alley that finished in a squeeze chimney which was new for me but pretty fun and ended on top of the Combination Blocks in a pretty cool position.

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July 04, 2012

Jean's journal -- 4th July

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Relaxing morning in Sisters

We've had a good start to our ride, yesterday made it over Santiam Pass to a campground just shy of Sisters and are already enjoying the central Oregon sunshine in the backyard of Angeline's Bakery in Sisters. Later today we'll pedal over to Smith Rock State Park where Jean and I will stay for a week or so and Elvira and Jason will pedal back to Portland. It's been great riding with them and everyone loves drafting speedy Elvira.

Happy Fourth of July!

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July 01, 2012

In search of summer

And we're off! Jean is done with residency and we are bicycling away from Portland today, in search of summer, stars, rocks and adventure in the west. It's ten years on from my tour that brought me out to Portland and a lot has changed and happened in that time, but I still get the urge to load up the bike and hit the road! Follow our adventures here.

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