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July 27, 2012

Bird attack in the City!

Jean and I have been having a good time in City of Rocks, doing some climbing, some reading and today a rest day where we came in to town to catch up on some WiFi and to get out of the sun a little. The other day we were hiking out to a climbing spot and got dive bombed by a Northern Harrier (raptor). Repeatedly dive bombed. We didn't figure this out until later but we must have been getting closer and closer to his nest which we later found out are located on the ground, usually near shallow water. Sadly my iPhone was not quite accessible enough to video the actual attack so I leave you only with this video showing us processing the attack after the fact... Laugh away at us. But it was pretty fierce. In hindsight I admire his ferocity in defending his young against two mammals a lot bigger than him. We even saw a baby bird just after the attack looking pretty lost on the trail that I only realized later could have been his but we will never know.

Posted by Dave at July 27, 2012 03:16 PM