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August 09, 2012

We love City of Rocks

Jean and I left City of Rocks yesterday and her sisters Trish and Meg flew home. We are back at Lisa and Brian's in Utah and enjoying a recovery day. Planning on being back on the bikes on Saturday. Lisa will give us a head start towards Tahoe where we hope to be in a week after bicycling the loneliest highway in America, route 50 through Nevada.

Everyone had a great time at City of Rocks, it's really a magical place, great camping, cool trails, very interesting rock formations and varied climbing. Jean and I both progressed with our climbing skills and confidence in two+ weeks there. I'd never led a 5.9 sport climb before and led plenty of those as well as some 10s. I had my first lead fall. I led three 5.7 trad climbs which was a step up for me. The photo above is from our last climb there, the 5.7 trad climb Colombian Crack on Elephant Rock. It starts with a chimney before you get to where you put in protection, so that's why Jean is belaying on the other side of the boulder. After I clipped the first piece she moved back around. It was a challenging lead for me and I'm still learning lots about efficiency and style when climbing and placing my own protection. Jean enjoyed the route too and following me. Earlier that day she led a great sport climb, The Good Stuff on Tahitian Wall which we all enjoyed top roping after her lead. We hope to climb a little tomorrow in the Uintas or at least just take a driving tour while we are so close to this amazing country.

Posted by Dave at August 9, 2012 11:30 AM