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September 28, 2002

Lowell, Idaho

Suzie and I just finished a week of riding and fishing with Dave in Montana. Last Sunday, we met him in Dillon, a place where he and I, Lab, Carey, and others have fished many times over the last 30 years. We fished the Beaverhead, Ruby and Madison; good fish but low clear water made it careful fishing. On Monday Michael Wise of Bozeman took us on a float down the Yellowstone River through Paradise Valley below Livingston. A beautiful float with lots of eagles and good fishing. Tues and Weds, we cycled with Dave; Suzie and I taking turns on the recumbent bicycle and in the car. Suzie has gotten quite comfortable and good on the 'bent. We made Jackson on Tuesday (60 miles) and Hamilton on Weds (80 miles). The ride through the upper Big Hole Valley was magnificent. The descent into the Bitterroot Valley was 12 miles without once cranking the pedals, just holding the brakes. Thursday we took another day off and did a float on the Bitterroot; again, excellent fishing. Suzie caught some really nice fish, and Dave scored repeatedly on big cut throat trout. Friday was windy and cool with light rain, we followed Dave in the car to Lolo and the turn off for Lolo Pass in Idaho. We returned to Bozeman in the car, he pushed on (72 miles).
Saturday night, and Dave just called from Lowell, Idaho an 88 mile run. The town sign says 24 people, crossed out to 23! The next few days will be repeated passes and rides along beautiful rivers.

He looks great, but we're his parents.

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September 20, 2002

Twin Bridges

From West Yellowstone I continued to follow the Madison River through Hebgen and Earthquake lakes down into the Madison River valley. It's been a beautiful couple of days. I stayed in Ennis last night which is a fun small town. There was a tough climb out of Ennis, then down to Virginia City. Now I'm in the Ruby River valley and have stopped for the evening in Twin Bridges. Every town around here has a fly shop and I'm looking forward to fishing when I meet up with my parents on Sunday.

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September 18, 2002


I entered Montana today! I'm staying in West Yellowstone, MT tonight. The last few days have really been spectacular in beauty, despite some adverse weather. Since Lander the scenery has just been more and more beautiful. Yesterday I bicycled through Grand Teton National Park and then entered Yellowstone through the south entrance. It was a little rainy in the morning then cleared some. After entering Yellowstone though it was a cold rain.

The ranger at the gate had just completed the TransAm trail a month ago with her father. Entering the park I was paralleling the Lewis River and climbing quite a bit. The climb was worth it as the Lewis River Canyon is beautiful. Then I passed Lewis Lake and Grant Village and did some more climbing over Craig Pass. I crossed the Continental Divide three times yesterday. The last part of the day got really cold with the rain. I was glad for the climbing to stay warm. I was shooting for Old Faithful Inn because several people including the ranger at the gate had said it was really worth staying at. I made it there extremely cold but happy to have reached it. I had to try several times to successfully communicate that I wanted a room, I could barely control my mouth from the cold. Unfortunately they were completely booked! As there's no camping at Old Faithful and I didn't have the legs or the light to go further I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Since everyone was talking about the possibility of snow I figured I'd just hang out in the Inn until morning. Luckily I didn't have to, about the fourth time I checked something had opened up. Turned out to be the most expensive lodging of my trip but I was happy for it!

Today was much sunnier although still cool and with a brief rain shower. I toodled my way out of the park, not going much more than 9 mph and stopping frequently. I only did 30 miles today. Saw lots of wildlife, elk, bison, coyote. I saw a few bison a little closer than I wanted to... A herd was straddling/crossing the road and I hugged the center line trying to stay between the stopped cars.

I'm looking forward to the ride in Montana. I'll be visiting some of the spots I fished with my Dad, grandfather, and others a long time ago. Even better my parents are coming to Bozeman on Saturday and we'll meet up for a week of fun, including cycling and fishing for sure.

I didn't get a chance to write much from Wyoming, but I really enjoyed the riding. Wyoming had the best shoulders for cycling so far in my trip. Also there's more beer available in any given Wyoming town than the entire state of Kentucky.

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September 17, 2002

Pizza dinner planned

David called in last night, he has been putting in some long days, often arriving just at dark or later. He went over Togatee Pass and was spending the night near Moran Junction. He should be in Yellowstone Park soon. He was looking forward to a pizza dinner and coincidentally we were having pizza for dinner here at home.

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September 15, 2002


I've had a few days in Wyoming and have come to Lander, home of John Metcalfe. First person since Charlottesville, VA I've known who lives on the route. He has a beautiful log home along a stream in Sinks Canyon. I've had a good evening and morning here and am sorely tempted to do a layover day... The weather has cleared up and warmed up, yesterday was in the 80s. The day before yesterday I encountered strong headwinds and barely made it to Jeffrey City before sunset. Today or whenever I roll out of here I'll begin climbing again towards Teton and Yellowstone parks.


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September 10, 2002

North Park

Today I'm in Walden, CO. So far it seems like a nice enough town, fairly quiet. There wasn't a town or anything from Kremmling this morning until here. The scenery was amazing though. I crossed the Continental Divide again so I'm once again in the Atlantic watershed. Good thing too because I crossed the Illinois river just before town. I haven't seen any moose which are reported to be in the area but I'm pretty sure I saw a fox today cruising across the road. I was too far away for positive identification but I'm pretty sure. He looked like the Predator or something though, now you see him, now you don't. If he wasn't moving I don't think I"d have a chance to spot him.

It's definitely been cooler the last few days than during most of my trip. For the most part I'm enjoying that. It's rained off and on also, but nothing too severe. Tomorrow I'll be in Wyoming!

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September 09, 2002

Park Country

I┤ve had an amazing few days here. As Mom mentioned my ride from Ca˝on City to Fairplay was truly spectacular. A steady but not extremely steep climb into the South Park area of Colorado. High grass ranges surrounded by the Rockies. Yesterday I climbed over Hoosier Pass. I┤d already made it most of the way the day before as Fairplay is almost 10,000 ft. Still it was exhilarating to be at the highest point of the trail. Then I flew down into the Breckinridge, Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne area. If you┤ve been on I-70 west of Denver you┤ve passed by these ski resorts. I called it an early day and got a motel room to watch the U.S. Open mens┤ final. I was pulling for Agassi but at least he didn┤t let Pete have it in three sets.

A few photos...

Relaxing by a lake in Illinois

Atop a fire tower in Missouri

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September 08, 2002

Great Day, Fairplay, CO

David called in last night. He had one of his best days ever, with a beautiful ride into Fairplay. Big riding day, 76 miles and 7,000 or more feet elevation gain. He feels great, enjoying the small town, western atmosphere, quaffed a beer in the local saloon and plans to go over Hoosier Pass on Sunday.

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September 06, 2002

Mountains ahead, plains behind

Today I am in Canon City, just in the foothills of the Rockies. The mountains loom large and I'm looking forward to being in them. I took a short day today as I will be climbing the next few days and getting over Hoosier Pass Sunday or Monday.

The wedding and family vacation in Beaver Creek was in addition to a well-needed break, an awesome time. After returning to Pueblo I back-tracked to where I'd left off before the break. I did a combination of bicycling and hitching but the upshot is I bicycled the entire route from where I left off until Pueblo, about 90 miles of it heading east.

Hitchhiking proved to be an interesting experience. It didn't particularily suit me, standing in the sun, receiving rejection or just plain not seeing any cars. However once I got a ride it usually was quite interesting. There were enough kind souls on the road so that I only did 15-20 miles of the route in both directions.

I am very excited to once again be heading west.

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September 05, 2002

Pueblo CO --heading West

Dave called in tonight. After the wedding, he back tracked to the Kansas -- Colorado border, where he stopped his ride. He turned around and headed back West. Tonight he is in Pueblo about 150 miles further West. Tomorrow the ride begins the climb up towards Breckenridge and Hoosier Pass 11,540 feet.

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