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September 28, 2002

Lowell, Idaho

Suzie and I just finished a week of riding and fishing with Dave in Montana. Last Sunday, we met him in Dillon, a place where he and I, Lab, Carey, and others have fished many times over the last 30 years. We fished the Beaverhead, Ruby and Madison; good fish but low clear water made it careful fishing. On Monday Michael Wise of Bozeman took us on a float down the Yellowstone River through Paradise Valley below Livingston. A beautiful float with lots of eagles and good fishing. Tues and Weds, we cycled with Dave; Suzie and I taking turns on the recumbent bicycle and in the car. Suzie has gotten quite comfortable and good on the 'bent. We made Jackson on Tuesday (60 miles) and Hamilton on Weds (80 miles). The ride through the upper Big Hole Valley was magnificent. The descent into the Bitterroot Valley was 12 miles without once cranking the pedals, just holding the brakes. Thursday we took another day off and did a float on the Bitterroot; again, excellent fishing. Suzie caught some really nice fish, and Dave scored repeatedly on big cut throat trout. Friday was windy and cool with light rain, we followed Dave in the car to Lolo and the turn off for Lolo Pass in Idaho. We returned to Bozeman in the car, he pushed on (72 miles).
Saturday night, and Dave just called from Lowell, Idaho an 88 mile run. The town sign says 24 people, crossed out to 23! The next few days will be repeated passes and rides along beautiful rivers.

He looks great, but we're his parents.

Posted by Dad at September 28, 2002 10:10 PM