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October 06, 2002

Over 4000 miles in!

Yesterday my odometer turned past the 4000 mile mark, a great psychological boost! I have been having mostly good days, some great ones, some a little chilly and rainy, most tough. The last few days it's been gorgeous weather and scenery. Eastern Oregon is pretty mountainous, dry, and not very populated. That triple summit day out of Baker City was really tough but a gorgeous ride. I then followed the John Day river downstream through a scenic valley, then into Picture Canyon, a very narrow canyon the river and road cut through. At the top of a pass coming out of that canyon I saw a beautiful snow-capped peak in the far distance, my first view of the Cascade Range. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure it was Mt. Hood, although that would have been a long way off.

I've descended today into a more populated part of Oregon, I'm in Prineville right now taking an extended lunch break. The traffic really picked up the last 15 miles east of Prineville and not everyone was so friendly. RV after RV, I think partly because it's Sunday. The Cascade range is in good view here.

I'm very excited to be making it closer and closer to the coast. Tomorrow I'm probably going through the Cascade range via McKenzie pass. One of my pedals died on me a few days ago but luckily the town I was passing through had an avid touring cyclist running the general store and he had some platform pedals I've substituted.

Posted by Dave at October 6, 2002 05:43 PM


West Yellowstone-Ennis
75 miles

Ennis-Twin Bridges
45 miles

Twin Bridges-Dillon
30 miles

56 miles

83 miles

Hamilton-Lolo Hot Springs
72 miles

Lolo Hot Springs-Lowell, ID
88 miles

Lowell-White Bird
71 miles

White Bird-Riggins
30 miles

83 miles

Cambridge-Halfway, OR
59 miles

Halfway-Baker City
54 miles

Baker City-John Day
82 miles

John Day-Mitchell
71 miles

Posted by: Dave at October 6, 2002 05:47 PM

CONGRATULATIONS...i've been telling everyone who will listen...

really really REALLY proud of you.

my equivalent: only 1349 days until i graduate!

Posted by: tehnaz at October 7, 2002 09:05 AM

Wow Dave Ross!!

Congratulations...you're almost there! You have us hooked - we've been following your progress and fun! Thanks for letting us live your adventure!!

Kim, Tri & Tobey

Posted by: Kim Nguyen at October 7, 2002 09:56 AM

I'm sitting very comfortably in my office reading about your journey that has taken on mythological (American and Greek)intensity with views of distant mountain peaks and taking shelter and changing clothes in a phone booth (in the best tradition of American myth). You have gone a long way. Best of luck -


Posted by: Ernie Simon at October 7, 2002 11:02 AM